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Luis E. Leon, M.A.

Head of School

During his time at Cornerstone Academy, Mr. Leon has served as the Assistant Principal/ Behavior Intervention Specialist and is now our Head of School at Cornerstone Academy. A former music teacher in Miami and his native Puerto Rico, he enjoys seeing students grow and develop as artists and performers while enhancing the school’s extra-curricular activities and overall instruction. He encourages each student to become a respectful, problem-solving, resilient individual as well as inspiring leadership and the impact it has among classmates and younger students. Mr. Leon is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and the Boston Conservatory. He received his second Master’s Degree in Education Administration from The Ohio State University.

Brian P. Carlton, M.A.

Assistant Principal/BIS

Mr. Carlton has been in the education field for 16 years with a multitude of experiences. After 6 years as a choir and band director in St. Louis Public Schools and Columbus charter schools, he began his career in administration at Cornerstone Academy in 2007. Mr. Carlton was the Assistant Principal and Head of School at Columbus Preparatory Academy from 2007 through June, 2018.

Mr. Carlton believes in supporting the academic success of students through the diligent servant leadership of educators. He did his undergraduate studies at Murray State University and received his Master's Degree in Education Administration from The Ohio State University. He is excited to rejoin the energetic staff of Cornerstone Academy. Mr. Carlton is a happily married with two wonderful children who also attend the school.

  • Mr. Matthew Coker

    Mr. Coker has been Cornerstone Academy's physical education teacher since 2014. He was recently assigned the role of Athletic Director after creating an athletic program for the school in 2017. Starting with a co-ed soccer team, the program grew to feature Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Cross Country, Boys Basketball and Girls Soccer. He is excited to see the growth of each student and student-athlete at Cornerstone. Mr. Coker graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Physical Education and Communication. He is married to Eryn Coker, a teacher at Cornerstone Academy, where they met. They welcomed their first child in August of 2018.
  • Miss Brittany Wolfe

    Miss Wolfe is an inspiration to everyone in the Wolfpack. During her inaugural year at Cornerstone, she established herself as an integral part of the First Grade Team. Her energy and enthusiasm inspire students to approach learning with a positive and eager attitude. Always ready to jump in and lend a hand, Miss Wolff has become a respected and admired member of the pack. Miss Wolfe graduated from Ohio University. In her free time she enjoys archery, running and singing with her family.