Policies and Processes

Admissions Policy & Process

Cornerstone Academy’s Open Enrollment period begins on March 5 for the 2017-18 academic year.  Our open enrollment period runs through March 29, 2018.  Our enrollment is done online via our SchoolMint website.

Pursuant with the application, students that are new to Cornerstone Academy are required to be enrolled by the legal parent/guardian.  To enroll your child, parents are required to provide the following:

  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Child’s Immunization Records
  • Parent/Legal Guardian’s Photo ID (such as driver’s license or state-issued ID)
  • Parent/Legal Guardian’s Proof of Residency such as:
    • Utility Bill (electric, gas, or water/sewer); must be dated within 90 days of submitting the enrollment application and must include resident name and property address
    • Mortgage Statement; must be dated within 90 days of submitting the enrollment application and must include resident name and the property address
    • Lease or Rental Agreement that specifies start and end date of the agreement; must be dated and include names and signatures of the lessee and the lessor
    • Original Mortgage/Closing Paperwork such as the Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Statement; must include the resident name and property address
    • If you live with a relative or friend and do not have any of the above in your name, you will need to arrange a notarized Affidavit of Residency (1 original affidavit per student) and proof of residency for the person completing the affidavit.
  • Current Grade Card and State Assessment Results


Required only if applicable to the students:

  • Legal Custody Papers
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP, ETR, or RTI) or any special education services paperwork (for Speech Therapy, etc).
  • Behavior Intervention Plan (504)
  • Applicants for Grades 1-8: Student Records Request
  • 4th Grade applicants: 3rd Grade State Test Scores

Cornerstone Academy does not have an early admissions policy and does not accept nor test for early enrollment.


**There will be no discrimination in the admission of students to the Academy on the basis of race, creed, color, handicapping condition, or sex.  Upon the admission of any handicapped student, the Academy will comply with all federal and state laws regarding the education of handicapped students.  The Academy will not limit admission to students on the basis of intellectual ability, measures of achievement or aptitude, or athletic ability.  The Academy will admit the number of students that does not exceed the capacity of the Academy’s programs, classes, grade levels, and facility.  If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity restrictions of the Academy, students shall be admitted by lot from all those submitting applications, except preference shall be given to students attending the Academy the previous year.  Preference may be given to siblings of students attending this Academy the previous year or residents of the Columbus City School District.