Language Arts

Children are most successful when they learn to read through a balance of literature and explicit, systematic phonics instruction. Mastering phonics skills enables students to reach beyond the distractions and mechanics of decoding words so they can focus on the goal of reading: comprehension. That’s why Cornerstone Academy uses SRA/ McGraw-Hill and the Open Court Reading approach to reading instruction. The well-designed, researched, systematic program, balancing phonics and literature, has known success for nearly 40 years.

Open Court Reading, of SRA/McGraw-Hill, provides:

  • An educational philosophy based on scientific research and nearly 40 years of practical experience
  • A program that has been proven successful in schools nationwide
  • A well-defined plan of systematic, explicit instruction for teaching the strategies and skills necessary for reading


SRA/Real Math is a research based, highly effective program which balances skills-driven strategies and real-world practice to engage students in the lessons.  Real Math is not about memorization of applications but rather but rather helps students understand the methodology and internalize math concepts.  The program engages students in role plays, math games, group investigations, and individualized practice opportunities.


The science program, Harcourt Science gives students a solid foundation of knowledge about Life, Earth, Physical, and Health Science. At the same time, students master the scientific thinking processes necessary to solve problems.


Rotating classes in the Arts and Technology occur regularly for all students.


All students at Cornerstone Academy are required to participate in the school’s physical education program unless prevented from doing so for medical reasons. There are no excused absences, barring injuries, from this important phase of learning. If a child is limited by a physical handicap and cannot take part in physical education, a doctor’s statement to this effect must be sent to the school. Needless to say, the school will honor temporary excuses, written by parents, to cover minor illness. In the event that a child has suffered a fracture and a cast has been applied, a note is required from the doctor (not parents) after the cast has been removed, indicating the duration of excuse from physical education or any special instructions that may apply.