Jump Rope For Heart News

Cornerstone families,

Every February is our Jump Rope for Heart month here at Cornerstone. Today your student will be bringing home a Jump Rope for Heart envelope with an attached flyer for rewards. Jump Rope for Heart is a fundraiser that helps raise money on behalf of the American Heart Association, we have participated with them for the past eight years and will continue to help the best we can. You do not have to participate but for any student or family who is willing to, then here are some simple steps

  1. The fundraiser runs all month of February, so the envelope and any money donated are not due until the end of February.
  2. There is a website listed on the envelope where you can register online to hopefully help raising money easier.
  3. There is a coupon on your envelope for the first prize. If you plan on raising at least $5.00 for Jump Rope for Heart this year, you can fill out that coupon and send it back with your child to school. They will turn that coupon into me and I can get them their first prize now. All other prizes will be given after the fundraiser is finished.
  4. If you do not wish for your student to participate, please simply return the envelope back to their homeroom teacher and they can return it to me.

If you have any questions, please email me at mcoker@cornerstoneacad.org

Thank you,

Matthew Coker

Physical Education