New Voice Call Opt Out Features for SchoolMessenger

March 18, 2016

RE:      SchoolMessenger Communications

NEW Voice Call Opt Out Features

Dear Cornerstone Families:

SchoolMessenger is an automated system the Academy uses to contact families with information regarding emergencies, events, and important reminders. Due to regulatory changes, we are implementing procedures by which you may opt out of receiving calls via new voice call opt out features.

Beginning April 4th, you may opt out of receiving further messages by following the voice prompts given prior to any automated call you receive. Instructions are provided before each message. Please note:

  • Opt-out requests only apply to the number on which you submit the request.
  • Requests to opt-out may not be instantaneous. We process requests on a regular basis but please send the request again should you feel it is not being processed in a timely manner.
  • Voice Call opt-out requests only apply to voice broadcast messages, not SMS text or email.

You may also manage your options for being contacted via the PowerSchool Parent Portal. After logging in to Parent Portal, scroll down and select the “Contact Manager” on the left of the page and selecting which number may or may not receive messages. More detailed instructions on this can be found at on the Parent Resources tab.

Please contact the school office if you have any questions or concerns about SchoolMessenger.


Cornerstone Academy Administrative Staff